Referral Program

We appreciate your continued support of the Greensboro Swarm as a Season Ticket Member! We also encourage you to include the members of your personal and professional networks as a part of your Swarm experience.

We would love to have some of your friends, family and business associates join you in by becoming new Season Ticket Member or Group Leader. So, we are asking for your help to make our 5th Anniversary season our best and biggest yet!


For a referral to be valid, a Season Ticket Membership or group tickets must be purchased by a referred party between June 10, 2021, and January 16, 2022.

To be eligible to receive a referral prize, the referred party must be a new Season Ticket Member or group sales prospect for the Swarm.


Purple Referral – BOGO Membership / $100 – $500 GroupĀ 

  • $15 gift card

Teal Referral – Season Membership / $500 – $1,250 Group

  • $25 gift card

Gold Referral – Courtside Membership / $1,250+ Group

  • $75 gift card


To celebrate your support, we will be raffling off premium items each month of this program. The more referrals you bring in, the higher your chances of winning!

  • Purple Referral – 1 entry
  • Teal Referral – 2 entries
  • Gold Referral – 3 entries